Why Energy Kodex’s a wind power generator is Unrivaled


Major countries around the world, including the United States, the EU, and China, are aiming for carbon neutrality between 2050 and 2060.
And this may be delayed, but it’s also a common goal for 195 countries around the world.

To realize this, various generators are being developed, among which wind generators are generators that produce electric energy using wind as a power source. Wind power generators are so large that they cannot be built near cities.

However, Energy Kodex’s urban wind power generators can be compacted and installed throughout the city, and produced electricity can be stored in batteries and distributed through energy terminals to infrastructure-free locations.

And many secondary utilities can be combined, such as using electricity from Energy Kodex’s urban wind power generators to provide wireless Internet to citizens and power sources for streetlights that light up dark streets.

Energy Kodex’s urban wind power generators have already been commercialized and are exporting to countries around the world, including Korea, Thailand and Mongolia. However, because wind power generators installed in cities alone are difficult to achieve complete energy independence, we aim to have energy harvesting and energy terminals installed throughout the world.

Energy Kodex, which is ahead of its time, has long-term vision of building a city where complete energy independence and network independence are achieved through blockchain technology, taking lessons from the failure of various urban plans aimed at energy independence.

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